Our Services

Our Zoroastrian weddings are elaborate and vibrant and typically consist of four functions while our navjote consists of just one function but the arrangements for both the functions are equally elaborate. We at Rouzana can assist with absolutely all wedding/navjote planning services –

  • Booking venues
  • Floral decorations
  • Video & photography
  • Choosing your caterer
  • Helping you to write your wedding invites & even the pehramni envelopes!
  • Shopping your dagli, pheta, sarees, sadras, topis, jewellery etc
  • Make-up & hair styling
  • Music
  • Sagan na chalk. We make sure that your doorstep looks welcoming & beautiful on the day of your occasion.
  • Organizing hotel bookings & car rentals
  • Buying ses & furniture
  • Management of all pre-wedding functions like madavsaro, adravanu(engagement), adarni etc.
  • Booking in Udwada dharamshalas or hotels for your thanksgiving visit to Our Pak Iranshah after your function.

In a nutshell, we will be there to assist you like a family member for each & every minute detail, from your initial planning process until your occasion day.
If you are based abroad & wish to perform your wedding or your child’s navjote in Mumbai ,we will be happy to make all the arrangements for you.

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