Navjote Planning

A Navjote is an occasion in the life of a Zoroastrian child when he/she is initiated in our Zoroastrian faith.
The Navjote signifies the beginning of taking up the responsibility of life. It involves thanking our Lord Ahura Mazda everyday for giving us this wonderful life & to seek his blessings. The child has to be explained that each time while tying the knots of the Kusti, he/she has to firmly resolve in their mind to observe with truth and purity the message given by our Pegambar Saheb of Humata,Hukhta,Huvarashta ( i.e. Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds). The child has to be made to understand that good deeds have to be done daily in some form or the other which gets collected in the “Gireban”.

While tying the first knot of the Kusti one must resolve to do good deeds each day.
While tying the second knot one must always resolve to follow the Mazdayasni Zarathustra religion.
While tying the third knot of the Kusti one must resolve to fight against evil for the victory of good (truth).
While tying the fourth knot of the Kusti one must resolve to have complete faith in our Lord Ahura Mazda both in good and bad times in our Life.

We at Rouzana will organize your entire function keeping in mind your preferences & will guide you through it.

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