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A wedding day is one of the most special and exciting occasion in one's life and each one of us strives to make it a memorable event from the start to the finish. The Wedding/ Navjote planning process can be difficult and overwhelming, with the wide array of things to be done. Rouzana– The Wedding/Navjote Planners, located in Mumbai, India can assist in planning your Wedding or Navjote that best represents your style along with all our Zoroastrian tarikats (rituals & ceremonies). Most importantly you are able to enjoy the entire process of planning your occasion without actually shouldering the responsibility of executing it with precision. We at Rouzana have initiated these services for our Zoroastrian brethren, as most of us have lost touch with our traditional tarikats & are completely oblivious when such a wonderful & joyous occasion like a Wedding or a Navjote arises in our own families. Often we are clueless or confused as to what step comes next and whether we are doing it the right way?

Whether you need a little help, or a lot, or just one of your pre-wedding ceremonies to be taken care of or your entire wedding –We at Rouzana will save you time, money and will take away the stress associated with planning your occasion.

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